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Gain practical experience and connect with industry leaders. ETH Juniors offers students real-world projects, networking opportunities, and valuable skills development to prepare you for your future career. Join us to jumpstart your journey from academia to professional success.


Project-based Contract

Project Member

Engage in exciting projects at ETH juniors while pursuing your studies. Your classroom knowledge finds practical application across fields like IT, engineering, sustainability, or market analysis. Register, specify your availability, and receive tailored job postings for either part-time or full-time engagements, embarking on a journey where academia meets the real world.

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Full-time Contract

Mainboard Member

Embark on a long-term journey with ETH juniors by joining the mainboard. Gain invaluable experience in entrepreneurship and project management, assuming leadership roles in a dynamic team. Manage projects, recruit for positions, interact with clients, oversee accounting, optimize processes, and organize events, all while continuing your academic pursuits at ETH Zurich.

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Project Member

Become Project Member

Embark on a journey where your academic pursuits meet real-world applications at ETH juniors. As a nexus between the scholarly landscape of ETH Zurich and the dynamic industrial sector, we provide a platform for you to transition your theoretical knowledge into practical solutions. Here are eight compelling reasons why you should join us…

Flexible Working

Engage in projects while studying or after graduation

Start-up Funding

Unlock funding for your start-up with jFund

Earn Good Money

Receive a competitive salary for your work.

Real-Life Problems

Apply your skills to tackle real industry challenges.

Cool Projects

Delve into exciting projects and challenging roles.

High-Level Profiles

Network with industry leaders and innovators.

Gain Experience

Acquire hands-on experience in your field.

Motivated Team

Collaborate with a supportive, driven team.


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Join the Mainboard


If you want to gain experience in project management and acquisition, as well as learn hands-on how a small business works, then apply to join our mainboard! We are always looking for new members and look forward to your application.

Together with students we realize projects for companies  and thus build the bridge between ETH and the industry. We take on the acquisition of projects, the recruitment of employees as well as the project management. At the same time, we manage the ETH juniors company, ensure correct accounting, optimise internal processes and organise events for students and companies like our Campus Interview. ETH juniors gives you the opportunity to gain experience in entrepreneurship, project management and applying it in a targeted way.

We are always looking for new members for our mainboard. Have you passed the Basisjahr at ETH, are proficient in German and are available full-time for one year to gain practical experience in project management and entrepreneurship next to your studies? Do you want to conquer the business world in a young and dynamic team? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Interested? Then apply online with your CV and a letter of motivation. We are looking forward to get to know you!

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Financial Boost

for your Startups

The jFund gives you access to funding opportunities specifically designed for young entrepreneurs. Obtain the necessary financial resources to support your innovative projects and kickstart your entrepreneurial journey.

Campus Interview

Campus Interview

Dive into our Campus Interview event, a prime opportunity to engage with leading companies and showcase your talents. This is your chance to impress potential employers, learn about various industries, and discuss future career paths. Participate in in-depth conversations, gain insight into your professional field, and make connections that could shape your career. Join us and take a significant step towards your professional aspirations.