Financial Boost for Startups

The jFund is a practical funding initiative designed to support ETH juniors startups in their early stages. Beyond financial assistance, it provides startups with access to essential resources, expert guidance, and a strong network, laying a solid foundation for growth and success in the competitive market.

Application Procedure

To qualify for the jFund application, applicants must be either former ETH juniors mainboard members or former employees, who have previously been selected as outstanding employees. The funding program consists of three rounds, each offering increased funding opportunities.

10'000 CHF

Orientation Ticket

Seed funding for early-stage ventures in the exploration phase.

30'000 CHF

First Funding Round

Scaling support for growing startups which are past the exploration phase.

60'000 CHF

Second Funding Round

Substantial investment for established, high-potential startups.

Orientation Ticket

Grant: 10’000 CHF

Apply for the orientation ticket designed for startups in their early stages of exploration. Simply fill out the form linked below. Make sure you meet all requirements outlined in the requirement document in order to be considered.

Advanced Funding

Grant: 30’000 resp. 60’000 CHF

Apply for the advanced funding rounds tailored for startups that have progressed beyond the orientation phase and may already have a prototype or initial market traction. The application process is more complex, requiring a pitch before the jFund committee,  outlining business strategies, marketing plans, division of tasks, and demonstrating a first product vision.

Apply by following the instructions in the application guide provided below. Submit all required information to antrag@jfund.ch.

Startups supported by the jFund

jFund Committee

Flavio Pfaffhauser

jFund President

Tim Grunow


Georg Polzer


Silvio Bonaccio

Representative of ETH Transfer

Andreas Guggenbühl

Co-Founder of the ETH Entrepreneur Club

ETH juniors President

current ETH juniors President

For support, contact the operational team at operational@jfund.ch.

jFund Meetings