Do you want to add new features to your product for which you need computer vision knowledge? Or digitise a process? Evaluate collected data for predictive maintenance of your machines or use them for sales predictions? Do you need inputs on how to profit from Machine Learning in your company?
Then ETH juniors is the right contact for you.

With access to the knowledge of over 10,000 students in our database, we can cover an extremely broad field of IT areas. In addition, the knowledge horizon in the field of IT is shifting rapidly – what was standard five years ago is already outdated today. Projects with ETH juniors give you access to the latest knowledge from one of the world’s best universities. 

Our projects usually range from technology analyses and proof-of-concepts to the pre-series implementation of an idea. 

Computer Vision

Machine Learning


Computer Vision

ETH Zurich is one of the world’s best addresses in the field of computer vision – the processing and analysis of images. Take advantage of this expertise through a project with the ETH juniors. Whether it is to automatically detect production errors or to recognise dangerous situations for people, we would be happy to discuss possible projects with you.

Machine Learning

We are happy to help you to extract information from large amounts of data with customised machine learning algorithms. Application examples would be object recognition on images for quality control, or the prediction of component failure based on operational data.

Algorithms tailored to your needs

By accessing the knowledge of 10,000 students, we can cover an extremely broad field of IT areas: the implementation of blockchain technology in your processes or the coding of an augmented reality application are just two examples.


Selection of our Projects