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If you’re a company aiming to disrupt the status quo or a student craving to turn theories into action, this is where change begins. 

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Our goal is to provide a link between the academic world and the industry. We carry out projects for all kind of companies, such as  nationally operating SMEs and international corporations. Our project employees are highly motivated students and graduates from ETH Zurich who want to bring their outstanding knowledge into the business world.

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At ETH Juniors, we are driving innovation through collaboration. Our diverse team has successfully navigated numerous projects, blending academic excellence with real-world application. Our history of partnership with industry leaders reflects our commitment to practical, impactful solutions.

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Discover how ETH Juniors can elevate your business with cutting-edge solutions. Tap into the exceptional talent pool of ETH Zurich for innovative projects and collaborations. Explore our offerings tailored for your business needs.
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Join ETH Juniors to transform your academic knowledge into real-world impact. Work on exciting projects, connect with industry leaders, and gain invaluable practical experience. Start your journey with us towards a promising professional future.
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ETH Juniors is committed to propelling entrepreneurship within the ETH community. By providing essential funding and support, we aim to turn innovative ideas into thriving ventures. Alongside financial support, we sponsor and organize events that offer networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and exposure to real-world entrepreneurial challenges. Our aim is to create a conducive ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurial endeavors, fostering a culture of innovation and practical engagement.


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