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If you’re a company aiming to disrupt the status quo or a student craving to turn theories into action, this is where change begins. 

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Europe's biggest student-led Consultancy

Our goal is to provide a link between the academic world and the industry. We carry out projects for all kind of companies, such as nationally operating SMEs and international corporations. Our project employees are highly motivated students and graduates from ETH Zurich who want to bring their outstanding State-of-the-Art knowledge into the business world.


Six Reasons Why Choose ETH juniors

Innovative Expertise

Direct access to leading-edge knowledge and insights from ETH, ensuring state-of-the-art expertise.


Highly responsive, customer-focused approach, quickly adapting to business needs.

26yrs Paired Experience

Young minds paired with 26 years of consulting experience, blending fresh ideas with proven strategies.

Technological Pioneers

Qualified experts at the forefront of cutting-edge technological advancements.

Door To Future Talents

Exclusive access to ETH's graduates, connecting with future innovators.

Tailored Team Dynamics

Custom-selected dynamic teams from a vast pool of over 10,000 members, tailored to your needs.

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Discover how ETH juniors can help your business with cutting-edge solutions. Tap into the exceptional talent pool of ETH Zurich for innovative projects and collaborations. Explore our offerings tailored for your business needs.
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Join ETH juniors to transform your academic knowledge into real-world impact. Work on exciting problem statements, connect with industry leaders, and gain invaluable practical experience. Start your journey with us towards a promising professional future.
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