Process Analysis
Process Digitalisation

The Lufthansa Group (LHG) is an international air transportation company. Various airlines such as Swiss, Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines are part of LHG. Catering on long-distance flights is procured from various external providers. The processes for measuring the quality of this service varied greatly between the individual airlines. The LHG therefore had the goal of standardising these processes across the group and being able to better check them using uniform KPIs.

To achieve this goal, we analysed the performance of the various catering suppliers in an initial phase and evaluated the existing KPIs and their implementation. Based on the findings, we defined new KPIs together with the LHG and modified the existing KPIs for better performance measurement. These new KPIs were then visualised on a dashboard on which the management can now monitor the performance of the individual catering services in real time.

With majors such as the Master in Management, Technology and Economics (MTEC), we have students who specialise in the areas of process analysis and its optimisation. Together with our technical know-how for the development of customised software solutions, we have the competence to optimise existing processes and to develop them according to the latest state of digitalisation.

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