Innovation Workshop

As a large international company, Novartis is inundated daily with requests from smaller companies that want to sell their pharmaceuticals or other products. To do this, Novartis employees must analyze and review the scientific basis of the products in detail. To simplify this work and to create an initial scan of which products or concepts are valid, an innovation workshop was held on the topic of “Early Signal Detection”.

The focus of the workshop was on Machine Learning. Using the Design Thinking methodology, a 1.5 day workshop was conducted with 13 students from different study programs. This with the goal to generate new ideas on how to detect sound products and studies faster. Together with students from the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning to Biotechnology and Pharmacy and the participation of Novartis employees, numerous ideas were created.

At the end of the workshop, 4 promising concepts were elaborated and handed over to Novartis.  With this workshop, we were able to support Novartis in rethinking current approaches and introducing new solutions and ideas.

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