Neutrik is an internationally active company in the development and distribution of electrical and electronic connection components. Since its foundation, Neutrik has always strived for innovative product development in order to recognise future developments at an early stage and to design its products for the new technical challenges. Neutrik therefore approached us with the question of what the cable of the future could look like and how this could influence their products.

With the help of an innovation workshop, we developed six concepts for Neutrik that describe the potential characteristics of future cables. Six students from different fields of study related to the topic spent 1.5 days on this task. The workshop was organised and moderated by two experienced coaches. With the help of suitable design thinking methods, the students worked out various ideas in groups, which they expanded through an iterative process and brought together to form the individual concepts.

Especially when it comes to developing new product concepts, an innovation workshop can generate a large number of new ideas in a very short time. With workshop participants from various fields of study, specific knowledge can be brought into the workshop in a targeted manner. By combining these disciplines, several concepts can be developed very efficiently for complex problems.  Experienced workshop coaches accompany the students during the process and decide the appropriate product development methods depending on the challenge.

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