CSS Versicherung

CSS Versicherung
Augmented Reality

The CSS Health Lab develops and researches digital health interventions in collaboration with CSS Versicherung, ETH Zurich and the University of St.Gallen. Among other things, digital interventions should help to positively influence the behavior and health of (chronically) ill people in cooperation with doctors and therapists. In a new project, a digital coach was to be developed, which would demonstrate exercises at home to physical therapy patients. CSS approached ETH juniors with the goal of developing a first prototype.

ETH juniors developed a proof of concept for a digital coach. Using mixed reality glasses, a virtual person is projected into the room in front of the patient, who correctly demonstrates exercises such as a squat. Patients perform the exercise themselves with the glasses and receive immediate feedback on the execution with the help of the built-in sensors. In this way, the quality of physiotherapy can be increased and made more interactive in the future.