Process Digitalisation

Do you want to optimise your internal processes or automate repetitive processes? Are there new technologies that you would like to explore and implement in your processes? Then you have come to the right place.

We offer various possibilities in the area of process digitalisation and are happy to support you in the analysis and implementation of such new technologies.

Process analysis


Customized Software

Internet of Things

Process Analysis

As an external perspective, we offer you the opportunity to record your processes, identify optimisation potential and support you in the creation and implementation of a target process.

Robotic Process Automation

With RPA you have the opportunity to automate repetitive processes. We help you to programme process steps and implement them into your system so that you can focus on exciting tasks.

Customized Software Tools

With our strong relationship to ETH Zurich and the latest technology that has been researched and taught today, we are happy to help you simplify your processes with customized software tools. Be it the creation of a tool that optimizes your production planning, augmented reality applications or new front-end and back-end applications for the evaluation of different designs; we are happy to support you with new  solutions and help to simplify your processes.

Internet of Things

Do you want to link your physical and virtual objects together and connect them to the internet? We will be happy to show you the possible applications of IoT for your company from an economic and technical perspective and help you implement such connections. This ranges from the selection of suitable sensors to the linking and implementation of IoT into your company.


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