Startups supported by the jFund

Entrepreneurship and innovation are very important to us. For this reason, we also support startups and innovation around ETH.

As a student consultancy, we have been connecting ETH with industry for many years. Parallel to our expertise in project management, the number of our former members, also known as ETH seniors, is growing. Many of these ETH seniors founded their own startup after their time with ETH juniors. Since innovation and entrepreneurship are extremely close to our hearts and we want to promote them, the jFund was created in 2014. With the help of this fund, we are able to support start-ups of current and former ETH juniors members with seed capital and at the same time accelerate their development.

The fund is supported by ETH juniors, companies, former members and friends of the association.


jFund Commitee

The jFund Committee is a group that decides on the granting of seed capital for startups and accompanies and supports the young entrepreneurs during the initial phase of their startup. The jFund Committee is composed of the following members:

Christoph Baur

Head of Business Excellence RES, Sulzer Management AG

Georg Polzer

Co-Founder & Chairman Teralytics

Dr. Silvio Bonaccio

Head of ETH Transfer

Pascal Mathis

Founding Partner Wingman Ventures

Flavio Pfaffhauser

CIO & Co-Founder

Philipp Binkert & Basile Morel

Presidium ETH juniors


Our Startups

Adresta creates digital certificates for high-end timepieces to prove authenticity and ownership. Certificates and documents are securely stored together with the history of the watch from manufacturer to service & repair and pre-owned sale. Every watch is validated and immutably kept through the use of blockchain creating trust and transparency.
We believe in the power of relevant, private, 1:1 face-to-face conversations. Meeting the right person at the right time changes everything. That's why we created Angle - an AI-powered superconnector for eye-opening 1:1 conversations, for whenever you need one.
Archlet, a SaaS startup in procurement, accelerates and improves the strategic sourcing of companies of all sizes. Mathematical optimization and data science uncover hidden opportunities for savings and evaluate various risk scenarios in fractions of a second. With an intuitive web tool, the best shopping strategies are then shown to support decision-making processes.
Caplena is a SaaS for text analysis. We equip corporates and market research agencies worldwide with a simple solution for evaluating the increasing volume of open-ended text (e.g. from customer feedback). Our augmented intelligence approach employs cutting-edge NLP techniques, reducing the effort and time to insight drastically.
From Pointless Travel to eco.mio. New name - same vision: we want to make business travel more sustainable. eco.mio is the first employee-focused business software that enables companies to achieve their climate goals while realizing significant savings on business travel.
Mantis Technologies are providing real-time assistance for industrial applications by combining 3D vision with machine intelligence. They are offering automated visual solutions for the use cases industrial safety, intrusion detection and process surveillance.

Mu Genomics

Mu Genomics vision is to unlock Whole-Genome Sequencing for clinical cancer care by streamlining the existing cancer genomics landscape through a one-stop clinical report which includes Machine Learning models that predict treatment responses.
New Work City is revolutionizing today’s broken work environment by offering a customizable Smart Work Contract Framework based on distributed ledger technology to knowledge workers all around the globe in order to make global collaboration more efficient, fair, trustworthy and cheaper.
Oakura Ventures provides startups with access to capital, industry insights and technology expertise: Find and engage vetted experts and potential advisors at your own terms. Get fast answers to relevant questions and boost your startup's chance to succeed!
ROOBSTER is the next step in the (micro) urban mobility revolution. With ROOBSTER's game-changing hands-free technology, you can control your speed and turns using only the natural movement of your body. The ROOBSTER is super light, efficient and offers a unique riding experience.
TomoDomo creates space for communal living. By living with others, we encourage others and ourselves to think further, reach higher and live better lives. TomoDomo specializes in creating and curating homes for communal living to create high value for property owners and tenants.
Yonder Mind is an easy-to-use content management solution designed specifically for controlled information like operation manuals, guidelines, rules, or regulations. Our unique approach allows users to work with dynamic content instead of static documents. Dynamic content will display the right information at the right time, depending on the user profile and on the context of use. A powerful search function further improves end-user satisfaction.

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