We realise projects for nationally operating SMEs as well as for internationally active corporations. We take over the project management and carry out the project together with our employees – experts in their field.

With our technical know-how we can support you in a wide range of topics and generate new solutions with our innovative approaches. 

Our core skills:
Human Resources

Employee Leasing

New employees within two weeks.
With ETH juniors you have the opportunity to access the knowledge of ETH within the shortest possible time and for your desired period of time. We take care of the advertisement, selection and support of the employees, as well as all administrative tasks. In addition, we offer the possibility to take over the employee free of charge. In this way, you can easily and with full flexibility bring external know-how into your company for specific projects, break peak workloads or use our employee leasing service to recruit new employees.


Campus Recruiting

As one of the largest recruiting service providers at ETH Zurich, we offer you a wide range of possibilities to sustainably increase the level of awareness of your company among students and graduates. Our services range from company presentations, to workshops with selected students, to events specifically tailored to your wishes – in person or online.

In addition, we organise the Campus Interview once a year – the largest interview day in Switzerland. Among over 1000 students, you have the opportunity to meet the most suitable candidates in an interview.

Campus Interview

Have the unique opportunity to interview several students from ETH, HSG and UZH in one day. Find the right candidates over our platform and get to know them on the 3rd of November, at the biggest interview day in Switzerland.

University Marketing

Whether a company presentation, a workshop with highly motivated students or marketing for one of your events, we can help you to raise the profile of your company at ETH in a targeted manner.

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