Sebastian Lechner

Job: Market research (3 projects)

Course of study during the employment: graduate MSc Biology and MSc MTEC


„In the first half of 2016 I had the chance to work on 3 very interesting market research projects for ETH juniors. I got the chance to learn a lot about the how to conduct successful market research. For example, the setup of a sophisticated survey, conducting such a survey, the statistical analysis and the presentation and documentation of the results.

As an MTEC student I was familiar with the principles of market research and as a former teaching assistant for the statistics lecture I was also versed in data analysis. However, industrial reality is often different to the ideal academic scenarios. I quickly learned to appreciate the Pareto principle. During my time as contract staff at ETH juniors I gained many valuable experiences, two of which stood out the most. Firstly, I was finally able to apply my knowledge in industry-relevant cases and secondly, I learned not to aspire to the perfect result, but to fulfill the customer’s requirements.

The projects mediated by the ETH juniors present an excellent opportunity to gather working experience during or shortly after the studies, as well as facilitating the career start. I can only recommend them.”


Sebastian completed his second master at ETH in 2016 and is now working at AstraZeneca in the marketing department.


Timon Heinis

Job: Preparation and moderation of innovation workshops

Course of study during the employment: PhD mechanical engineering, specialization in product development


"For companies and their engineers to develop ground-breaking innovations, they must visualize a process, product or service that provides additional benefits. Such visions can be provided in an innovation workshop with an interdisciplinary team of various personalities.

For the workshop to be a success, the choice of team members as well as good preparation and moderation are essential. As a workshop moderator, I enable and motivate the participants to identify problems and challenges, then develop convincing ideas. Based on a methodical and content-based concept, I lead the participants through the workshop without restricting their creativity or independent decision making. The participants must have a certain base knowledge of the subject to be creative and understand the goal of the team. They must also feel involved and accepted by the team. As a moderator, I must adapt the concept to the behavior and personalities of the participants. If something doesn’t follow my plan, I am able to adapt either the methods or the time plan.

The moderation of ETH juniors workshops gave me the opportunity to increase my level of experience as a moderator, which will help me support innovation teams in the future.”


Timon is working on his PhD thesis on “Development and realization of Internet of Things applications” at the ETH Zurich. He expects to graduate in 2018.


Alex Mihov

Job: Web developer

Course of study during the employment: BSc. Computer Science


„In collaboration with ETH juniors I was offered many opportunities to apply my knowledge in practice. I was able to participate in many interesting web development projects and develop whole projects according to the specifications. The implemented projects then found use in a productive environment. The collaboration with the ETH juniors was a perfect introduction to the working world during the course of my studies. I was able to concentrate completely on the IT side of the project while ETH juniors took care of the project planning.

The excellent communication between both parties made for a smooth run of the project, even when deadlines loomed ever closer.

I really enjoyed the collaboration and I learned a lot for future projects, was able to meet new people and invest my time reasonably.”


Alex completed his Bachelor in 2016 at the ZHAW and is now an independent web and app developer.