The Value of the jFund


In the following section, several members talk about their positive experiences with the company and the importance of the jFund.

Frank Floessel (Founding member of ETH juniors)

Membership at ETH juniors: 1998

Company: Tempobrain AG

Role: CEO und Co-Founder


"The idea behind founding ETH juniors in 1997 was to give students the opportunity to gain first entrepreneurial experiences during their studies and to offer the possibility to work on exciting projects within companies. This experience led me found my own company after my studies and I have been an entrepreneur ever since. I likely would not have ended up on this path if I had not been a member of ETH juniors, where I learned how companies and markets work. The idea to set up a fund to financially and morally support founders like me is great and it makes me proud to have contributed to this community."