About ETH juniors

Since the first projects in 1997, many things have changed internally – new business areas have been developed, processes optimised, the team has grown. Nevertheless, one thing has remained the same: Our common goal of bringing ETH’s immense knowledge to the business world.


Project Managers


Projects per year


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1997 Founding
2003 Commercial register
2009 Campus recruting
2014 Employee leasing
2014 jFund
2018 Projekt

We all are students from ETH Zurich with various technical study backgrounds and disciplines. With our experience and our talent we create the perfect solution for each customer’s needs.

Marcel Eckard

Project Manager, President

Christoph Germann

Project Manager, Vice President

Vanessa Tschichold

Project Manager, Campus Interview

Johannes Aicher

Project Manager, IT

Lea van der Geest

Project Manager, Industry Relations

Jonathan Chen

Project Manager, Finances

Cyriak Heierli

Project Manager, Student Relations

Olivier Nussli

Project Manager, Campus Interview

Nicolas Sommer

Project Manager, IT

Valeria Jannelli

Project Manager, Finances

Philip Kneis

Project Manager, Industry Relations

Do you want to be part of our team? Find out more about what we do and what your options are and apply today to join us as a mainboard member or staff member. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

ETH juniors has a Board of Directors who assists the team with important long-term strategic decisions. This advisory board consists of eight established personalities from business and science.